Evolve & Excel

Take your business from struggling or stagnating to growing and thriving

Tailored business development, digital marketing and coaching solutions to supercharge your business.

01. Business Development

Tailored strategies amplifying growth, market positioning and industry prominence for elevated business evolution.

02. Digital Marketing

Supercharge digital presence: Targeted campaigns, amplified engagement, measurable ROI – igniting business transformation and expansion.

03. Business Coaching

Personalized coaching: Unlock leadership potential, conquer challenges, foster resilience and drive thriving business growth to success.

No one goes into business to be mediocre

Why settle with your current results?

Imagine the satisfaction of targeting only your ideal clients with your ads, excluding the 96% who aren’t seeking your products/services.

Now imagine if we only focused on growing the 4% of clients that yield the highest ROI for your product or service. Can you see the potential growth that this will create for your business?


Business Growth Increase


Return Clients

Tailored Strategies & Solutions that will

Drive the growth of your business

With tailored solutions designed to perfectly suit your distinct business needs, I’ve developed systems that drive growth for businesses of all sizes and industries.

You can continue your current approach, yielding the same mediocre outcomes. Or you can evolve with me at Evolution Consulting and get exceptional results. No one goes into business to be mediocre, so why settle with your current results?

Hand-picked, growth critical

Services & Solutions

While many marketing companies narrow down their focus to just marketing, I take a panoramic view of your business’s expansion. Here’s a sneak peak at some of my service offerings.

I delve into your business’s entirety, meticulously hand-picking growth-critical solutions from a comprehensive range of services that will ignite your evolution.

I offer packages to suit your needs.

Market Research

Strategic advantage, actionable insights, competitive edge and precision targeting via thorough market research for business growth.

Business Positioning

Distinct market stance, strategic positioning, compelling brand identity and competitive edge for accelerated business growth.

Tailored growth strategies

Personalized growth blueprints, targeted solutions, aligned actions and amplified success trajectory for dynamic business evolution.

Business Development Consulting

Strategic insights for expansion. Innovate, penetrate markets and forge tailored paths to accelerate business growth.

Advertising Strategy

Optimized advertising, precision targeting, compelling campaigns and measurable ROI fuelling business success and exponential growth.

I’m Alex, and I am Evolution Consulting.

I will help you evolve, excel and elevate your growth!

I’m Alex Davison. I have a decade’s experience in driving business growth and helping owners achieve their goals.

It can be hard to know who to trust with your business, I get that. Most marketing companies I have encountered are profit before people. At Evolution Consulting, I am people before profit.

With me, you’re not a statistic, but a valued client. I will ensure your success and desired results.

My biggest accomplishment to date has been growing a company from 100 clients to nearly 10,000 within 2 years. That’s an average growth increase of 5000% per year!

*These results are not typical and as such not guaranteed.


From Happy Clients

Alex really helped us take our small dog walking business to the next level. The first round of advertising generated a surprising number of new client leads for us to follow up. We were very impressed with how easy and communicative he made things and continues to make it for us! We one hundred percent would recommend to anyone and everyone.

Kayla & Kris

Owners, Dogs N The Burbs

Alex does a really good job! He managed our social media platforms with weekly update reports and created a concise social media strategy plan. This led to leads within 24 hours of ad launch and 41 leads for the month, averaging a lead cost of $8.40. This is well below the daily ad spend. I’m glad I decided to work with Alex and highly recommend him.

Pawan Kumar

Owner, Focus Fitness

Your plan for growing your business

Strategic Growth Blueprint

Book a Consult

A 1 hour business development session where we go over the foundations of your business so I can position you uniquely in your marketplace and industry. This sets us up for success.

Tailored Solutions

I delve into your business’s entirety, meticulously hand-picking growth-critical areas to ignite your evolution. While many marketing companies narrow down their focus to just marketing, I take a panoramic view of your business’s expansion.

Success in Business Growth

Embark on a journey where comprehensive strategies lead to the evolution of your success. This needs clearer language about what results clients can expect, in the short and longer term.